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“Top 99 Under 33” list include foreign
afairs ofcers Andrew Kim, Eric Maltzer
and David Bargueño; Andrew Rabens,
special adviser for youth engagement in
the Near East; Special Assistant to the
Ambassador-at-Large for Global Women’s
Issues Justin Sosne; and Leanne Erdberg
and Andrea Walther, both employees of
the Counterterrorism Bureau.
Tis compilation by Young Profession-
als in Foreign Policy and the
is part of a broader efort to foster
a new generation of foreign policy leaders.
Te appointees for 2012 are certainly a
credit to theirs.
—Emily A. Hawley,
Editorial Intern
50 Years Ago
he specialist problem is only one facet of the broader problem of getting the best
ofcers to the top at the optimum time and it would be difcult to maintain that it
is the most important facet. It is clear, however, that if it is not satisfactorily resolved,
the Service will hardly be able to meet the challenge of the Sixties efectively. If, on
the other hand, the considerations discussed above are faced squarely and forthright
decisions made about them, the efectiveness of other, more direct measures to
improve the selection and promotion of FS ofcers will be greatly enhanced.”
A single career service to handle American foreign relations is more than ever
necessary today. Also more than ever today, one must admit the necessity for
specialized training and experience. The only way to combine these two essentials
successfully is through some such system as that outlined above.
—From“Still Another Look at Specialization” by James K. Penfeld (an article in the
series, “Is the Service Ready for the Sixties?”),
, December 1962.