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and programs; or 2) as a
confdential employee to
one of these management
ofcials within two years
prior to taking ofce in
AFSA, is precluded from
participating in labor-
management issues while
serving on the Governing
Board. Post-AFSA
restrictions: In addition,
employees who have
participated in collective
bargaining while serving
on the AFSA Governing
Board may not serve: 1) in
a management position in
Washington that involves
labor management relations
or the formulation of
personnel policies and
programs; or 2) as a
confdential employee to
such management positions,
for two years after leaving
AFSA. Members should
consider these restrictions
before deciding whether
to run for AFSA Governing
Board positions covered by
these restrictions. Please
direct questions regarding
this issue to Sharon Papp,
General Counsel, by e-mail:
Nominations may be
submitted individually or
in slates. To qualify as a
slate, a proposed slate must
have a minimum of four
candidates from at least
two constituencies. Slate
designations will be noted on
the ballot.
All nominations must
be submitted in writing by
letter, cable, fax or e-mail. All
written nominations must
be addressed to the AFSA
Elections Committee, 2101
E Street NW, Washington,
DC 20037. To be valid, they
must, without exception, be
received at this address no
later than 5 p.m. on Feb. 1,
2013. Members overseas can
send “AFSA channel” cables
marked for delivery to the
AFSA Elections Committee.
They must be received in
the State Department’s
Communications Center
within the same time limit.
Faxes can be sent to (202)
338-6820 and e-mail
sent to
Alternatively, nominations
can be hand-delivered to an
AFSA Elections Committee
representative who will be
in the AFSA ofce, Room
1251, Department of State,
from 11 a.m. to 12 noon on
Feb. 1, or to an Elections
Committee representative at
AFSA headquarters, at 2101 E
Street, NW, during that same
time period.
A nominee can indicate
his or her acceptance of a
nomination by appending
a letter to the letter of
nomination or by appropriate
notation on that letter, or
by communicating with the
AFSA Elections Committee at
the addresses, fax and e-mail
noted above. Otherwise, an
authorized representative
of the AFSA Elections
Committee will communicate
with each nominee
(excluding members who
nominate themselves) as
quickly as possible after the
receipt of each nomination
to determine whether the
nominee wishes to be a
candidate. Any member who
so accepts the nomination
must confrm his or her
acceptance in writing
through one of the channels
described above to the AFSA
Elections Committee. Any
nominee whose written
acceptance of nomination
is not received by the AFSA
Elections Committee will be
considered to have declined
All candidates nominated
under the procedure
outlined above will be given
the opportunity to submit
campaign statements for
dissemination to the AFSA
membership with the
election ballots. Further
information regarding such
statements and editorial
deadlines will be contained
in the “Instructions to
Candidates,” which will be
posted by the AFSA Elections
Committee on the AFSA
Web site at
elections by Dec. 10, 2012.
The AFSA bylaws provide
that, should candidates
wish to mail supplementary
statements to the
membership, the association
will make available to them
on request, and at their
expense, the membership
mailing list or address
labels. Further information
on this and other campaign
procedures will be included
in the “Instructions to
Candidates” mentioned
Ballots will be distributed
on or about April 15, 2013,
to each person who is a
regular AFSA member as of
March 15, 2013. Candidates
or their representatives may
observe the ballot distribu-
tion process if they so desire.
Each member may cast one
vote for President, Secretary,
Treasurer and, in addition,
one vote for a constituency
Vice President and each
Representative position in
the member’s constituency.
Votes may be cast by voting
for candidates listed on the
ofcial ballot, or by writing in
the name(s) of member(s)
eligible as of March 15, 2013,
or by doing both. To be valid,
a ballot must be received by
8:00 a.m. on June 6, 2013, at
the address indicated on the
envelope accompanying the
ballot or by online vote. More
detailed balloting instruc-
tions will accompany the
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