The Foreign Service Journal - December 2013 - page 46

merit award applicants must
submit the a two-page essay,
two letters of recommenda-
tion, their official high school
transcript and examples of
their art work in one of the
following categories: visual
arts, musical arts, perform-
ing arts or creative writing.
The deadline for an AFSA
academic and/or art merit
award is Feb. 6, 2014.
For details on how to apply
for an AFSA scholarship, go
online application process
allows students to check on
the status of their application
and ensure that their docu-
ments have been received.
To learn more about other
college assistance programs,
AFSA encourages parents
and students to visit such
scholarship search sites as
or www., as well as
AFSA’s website to view other
scholarship resources.
For more information,
contact AFSA Scholarship
or AFSA Scholarship Assis-
tant Jonathan Crawford, at
or (202)
338-4045. ext. 252.
For information on
becoming an AFSA member,
call (202) 338-4045.
ily’s financial status.
AFSA will fund students
attending any two or four-
year accredited college or
university located in the
United States or overseas.
All college instruction and
correspondence from
overseas schools must be in
English. Individual financial
aid scholarship awards range
from $2,000 to $4,000.
Scholarships may be applied
towards a student’s tuition,
room and board, books, com-
puter and/or university fees.
Approximately 60 scholar-
ships are awarded each year.
The deadline for an AFSA
financial aid scholarship is
March 6, 2014.
To be eligible for an AFSA
academic award or an art
merit award, students must
be in their senior year of high
school. The family’s financial
situation does not factor into
consideration for this pro-
gram, which bestows about
25 awards each May. When
applying for an AFSA aca-
demic merit award, students
must submit an application,
a two-page essay, two letters
of recommendation, their
official high school transcript
and SAT or ACT test scores.
First-place winners receive
Academic merit award
applicants are also eligible
to be considered for a prize
recognizing the best essay
and the most compelling
community service work. Art
tional Developlment, Foreign
Commercial Service, Foreign
Agricultural Service, Interna-
tional Broadcasting Bureau
or the Animal and Plant
Health Inspection Service
are eligible to apply. Eligible
students may apply for all
three award categories.
To be eligible for an AFSA
financial aid scholarship
student must be claimed as a
dependent on his or her par-
ent’s taxes. When applying
for a financial aid scholar-
ship, students must submit
their official high school or
college transcript (show-
ing a 2.0 cumulative grade
point average on at least 12
credits per semester) and the
College Scholarship Service
PROFILE assessing the fam-
AFSA is now accepting appli-
cations for its
which fall into two categories.
AFSA merit awards (one-
time only) recognize art or
academic accomplishments
of high school seniors, while
AFSA financial aid scholar-
ships (renewable, need-
based) are for undergraduate
college study. Over the last
20 years, AFSA has disbursed
more than $3.5 million in
scholarship aid to more than
1,600 children of Foreign
Service employees.
As a benefit of AFSA
membership, only children
of members who are active-
duty, retired or deceased
Foreign Service employees
of the Department of State,
U.S. Agency for Interna-
FS Students: Apply Now for AFSA College Scholarships
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