The Foreign Service Journal - December 2013 - page 56

However, many colleges require their
own supplements to the Common App
anyway, and quite often those are centered
on extracurricular activities or academics.
■ Youmay no longer upload a resumé
unless a specific college requests it. And
most do not. The question under Test-
ing that reads, “Is promotion within your
educational systembased upon standard
leaving examinations given at the end of
lower and/or senior secondary school by
a state or national leaving examinations
board?” may apply to you if you are at an
overseas school.
■ Check with your school guidance
counselor. As mentioned above, the paper
application has been discontinued. While
it’s understandable to want to digitize all
materials, there is reason to believe that
the Common App might have discontin-
ued the paper application prematurely
because of all the…
Word on the street is not good: the
newly revised Common App launch has
been a bit of a disaster. A few of the more
frustrating irritations included login and
format problems, and some member
institutions’ supplemental applications
not “going live” on time. When the first
early-decision deadlines approached,
a high volume of students finishing up
applications often crashed the system,
causing some colleges to extend their
early deadlines.
As Colleen Desmond, Resource
Counselor at Bethesda-Chevy Chase
High School in Bethesda, Md., puts it:
“The ‘new and improved’ Common App
was obviously put forward before all of
the glitches were worked out.
The five new essay prompts give
you a lot of leeway in your topics.
They also demand more thought
and depth in your response.
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