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President Silverman

Addresses Local Groups

AFSA President Robert J. Sil-

verman spoke with regional

retiree and other interest

groups about the state of the

Foreign Service and the work

AFSA is doing on its behalf.

On Sept. 24, Silverman

launched the 2014-2015

speaker season for the

Foreign A’airs Retirees of

Northern Virginia group. Sil-

verman addressed FARNOVA

on AFSA’s e’orts on the Hill,

including its work to get the

backlog of ambassadorial

nominees confirmed and its

advocacy for Overseas Com-

parability Pay funding.

He also discussed AFSA’s

e’orts regarding the admin-

istration’s proposal to replace

the Consumer Price Index for

pension adjustments with a

“chained CPI,” which AFSA

calculates would reduce

the average Foreign Service

pension by $17,000 over 20

years. AFSA helped defeat

this proposal in 2013, but it

may return.

Silverman commended

retiree AFSA members for

their volunteer commitment

to the organization. He spoke

of AFSA’s e’orts to advocate

for reform of the Reemployed

Annuitant (WAE) program

and make it more transpar-


With a total of 16,500

members, AFSA counts

nearly 80 percent of active-

duty and one quarter of all

retiree Foreign Service mem-

bers as members.

Silverman also addressed

the Carolina Friends of the

Foreign Service in Durham,

N.C., on Oct. 23. The CFFS

is dedicated to promot-

ing a better understanding

of foreign policy–related

issues. Its members include

present and former Foreign

Service members, as well as

military and other govern-

ment employees and others

interested in foreign a’airs

and public diplomacy.


—Debra Blome

Associate Editor


Carolina Friends of the Foreign Service attendees from left: Ambassador

David Litt, Betsy Malpass, Sue Lefes, Linda Jay, Ambassador Frank Crigler,

Ann Sides, AFSA President Robert Silverman, Bill Lefes, Sharon Epstein,

H.R. Malpass, June Kunesman, Eric Kunesman, Calista Moon, and Bart