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That article, “What Really Happened in Iran—The CIA, the Ouster of Mosaddeq and the Restoration of the Shah,” argues

that, while we and the British did sow the

seeds of an uprising against Mosaddeq,

our efforts failed. But then a truly popular

uprising, led by civilians, materialized in

support of the shah.

Takeyh writes: “Since 1953, and

especially since the 1979 Revolution that

toppled the shah, the truth about the

coup has been obscured by self-serving

narratives concocted by Americans and

Iranians alike. ...The theocratic revolu-

tionaries have been assisted in this distor-

tion by American accounts that grossly

exaggerate the significance of the U.S. role

in pushing Mosaddeq from power.”

Please share this clarification with

your readers (along with my email: lu@ Some of them are likely to be

involved in future dealings with Iran.

Lu Rudel

USAID FSR, retired

Flinton, Pennsylvania


In the November roundup of recent

books by Foreign Service authors, “In Their Own Write,” William R. McPher-

son’s career was mistakenly described on

page 37

as including postings in Korea

and the Philippines. McPherson, the

author of

Climate, Weather and Ideology:

Climate Change Denial

, served overseas

in Japan and Switzerland only.

Also, in “A Bibliography of USAID

Authors” on

page 40

, John Pielemeier’s

email address is listed incorrectly. Please

direct any correspondence to him at


We regret the errors.