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AFSAGoverning Board Meeting

October 7, 2015

September Governing Board Minutes:

On a consent

motion from Retiree Vice President Tom Boyatt, the board

approved the Sept. 2 Governing Board minutes. The motion

passed unanimously.

Foreign Service Titles:

On a consent motion made

by Retiree VP Boyatt, the board reaffirmed AFSA’s inter-

nal guidance to refer to members of the Foreign Service

as either “Foreign Service specialist” or “Foreign Service

officer,” and not “Foreign Service generalist.” The motion

passed unanimously.

On a motion made by Treasurer Charles Ford, the board

agreed to form a working group to clarify internal AFSA

guidance governing the appropriate use of “officer” and

“specialist” when referring to members of the Foreign

Service in each of AFSA’s five constituent agencies/depart-

ments. The motion passed unanimously.

Awards and Plaques Committee Applicants:

On a

motion made by Retiree Representative Dean Haas, the

board approved the appointment of the following Foreign

Service members to serve on the AFSA Awards and Plaques

Committee for the period October 2015–October 2017:

AFSA FCS VP Steve Morrison, USAID FSO Todd Andrews,

State (ret.) FSO John Bushnell, and active-duty FSOs Annie

Pforzheimer, Sandy Robinson and Bridgette Walker. The

motion passed unanimously.

AFSA Memorial Plaques Criteria:

On a motion by Retiree

VP Boyatt, the board did not approve changes to the criteria

governing who is eligible to be considered for inclusion on

the AFSA Memorial Plaques, located in the Department of

State’s C Street Lobby. The proposed change would have

limited eligibility to career members of the Foreign Service.

Retiree Representative:

On a motion by Retiree VP

Boyatt, the board approved the appointment of Ambassador

(ret.) Patricia Butenis to serve as AFSA retiree representative

ad interim.

2013 Meritorious Service Increase Implementation


The board discussed the implications of the Sept.

3 ruling by the Foreign Service Grievance Board in favor of

AFSA’s implementation dispute on behalf of the 554 mem-

bers of the FS who did not receive the monetary component

of their MSIs awarded by the 2013 selection boards (see

page 54 for details on the case).


Lunch with

the 8th CA-LNA


On Oct. 26, the American Foreign

Service Association hosted a welcome

luncheon for the 8th Foreign Service

Consular Adjudicator Class at its head-

quarters. In photo: AFSA Staff Attorney

Andrew Large explains the many ways

that the association’s dedicated labor

management staff stands ready to

assist AFSAmembers (e.g., security

clearance questions, employment

performance evaluations, disciplinary

issues, etc.).