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artifacts from the Cold War period.

I would encourage colleagues who

served in Warsaw Pact countries to

consider donating any interesting items

they may have. Besides socialist realist

art, the museum is interested in every-

day objects that typified life under the

socialist regimes of the period.

Many of us who served in these

countries may have items in our base-

ments that will be lost to history unless

properly bequeathed. The Wende

Museum offers permanent credit and

recognition for all donations, plus pos-

sible tax deduction benefits for more

valuable items.

I encourage colleagues to visit www. for more informa-

tion. At present, most of the collections

can only be viewed on a rotating basis,

but in the fall of 2017 the museum is

scheduled to move into the former

armory of Culver City, California, where

it will function as a full-fledged museum

open to the public on a daily basis.

This is a serious, world-class

museum dealing with a time and place

that many of us experienced firsthand

in our careers and that should for many

reasons be remembered by future gen-


Rudolf Perina

Ambassador, retired

Vienna, Virginia

Thanks, AFSA!

Thank you, AFSA, for the welcom-

ing happy hour you hosted on Oct. 20,

where I had the pleasure of meeting

colleagues from different cones and


I want to let you know that

The For-

eign Service Journal

was a very valuable

tool for me as a young officer in under-

standing and internalizing the Foreign

Service as a career. The magazine not