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by Bowdoin College and Cornell Univer-

sity. Princeton Review ranks University

of Wisconsin-Madison the “Best Party

School” and “Best Health Services.”

Most haunted colleges in the world?

According to Top Universities website,

that honor goes to University of St.

Andrews in Scotland, followed by Get-

tysburg College.


ranks the best U.S. colleges





students at 381 school “How popular is

studying abroad at your school?”

Elon University got first place, with

Goucher College (which requires all

students to study abroad) at No. 2.

Best Campus Food?

Best campus food? Try No. 1-ranked

University of Massachusetts-Amherst,

according to Princeton Review, followed

for international students, giving the top

rank to Babson College, followed by Bryn

Mawr and then Claremont McKenna


Though Best College Reviews focuses

on online education rankings, it also

offers such interesting brick-and-mortar

rankings as “The 45 Most Exotic Universi-

ties,” “The 30 Most Amazing Higher Ed

Natural History Museums,” “The 25 Most

Amazing College Theaters,” “The 20 Best

College Farms,” “The 25 Colleges with the

Best Weather,” “The 25 Best Great Books

Programs” and many more.

For more on the college rankings

landscape, see “American College Rank-

ings: HowThey Work and What They

Mean” by Francesca Kelly in the Decem-

ber 2014


Education Supplement.


If you have the urge to travel, Princeton

Review’s 2016 college rankings include

“The 20 Most Popular Study Abroad