The Foreign Service Journal - December 2016
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December 2016 Volume 93, No. 10



Focus On Russia



21 Understanding Russian Foreign Policy Today U.S.-Russia relations are in disarray, with talk of a new Cold War pervasive. Fortunately, framing the conflicts in terms of national interests points to a way forward. By Ra ymo n d Sm i t h 27 The Rise of the New Russia This tour d’horizon from the fall of the Soviet Union to today—including hopes, disappointment and missed opportunities—puts U.S.-Russia relations into perspective. By Lo u i s D. Se l l 32 Something Happened on the Way to the Market: The Economic State of the Former USSR When it comes to the Soviet successor nations, economic and commercial diplomacy is a particularly important part of the U.S. foreign policy playbook. By M i c h a e l A . L a l l y 37 Four Centuries and Three Decades of Russian Thinking Conversations in Moscow with Russians from different social strata paint a vivid picture of a country grappling with the meaning of the past quarter-century’s upheavals. By J u s t i n L i f f l a n d e r 44 Ukraine in 2016: There’s No Going Back Young Ukrainian leaders battle Russian pressure, endemic corruption and a moribund economy in pursuit of a new, independent identity. By Wi l l i am G l e a s o n 76 Finding Money for College: A Guide to Scholarships Scholarships can lighten the financial burden of a college education. Here are some tips on finding them. By Fr a n c e s c a Ke l l y 86, 88, 90 Schools at a Glance 92 What Is the Coalition App? There’s a new college application platform on the block. By Fr a n c e s c a Ke l l y 109 News from the World of College Rankings By t h e Ed i t o r s



48 Communications Behind the Iron Curtain This firsthand account of a fire in the secure area of Embassy Moscow on March 28, 1991, conveys the importance and drama of Diplomatic Telecommunications Service work during the last days of the USSR. By T i mo t h y C . L aws o n 52 Groundbreaking Diplomacy: An Interview with George Shultz George Shultz reflects on his tenure as Secretary of State in the Reagan administration and the process of making foreign policy and conducting diplomacy during the decade leading up to the fall of the Soviet Union. By J ame s E . Go o d by