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The late Louis C. Hebert

served his country through-

out his life. A Foreign Service

officer for 35 years, he also

served in the U.S. military.

When Mr. Hebert passed

away at age 89 in Novem-

ber 2014, he designated the

AFSA Scholarship Fund as a

residual beneficiary in his will.

The final disbursement

of his $879,900 gift was

received in October. The funds

will be used for merit awards

and financial aid scholarships

for Foreign Service children of

AFSAmembers, in memory of

Louis and his wife, Valeria.

Born in 1925 in Abbeville,

Louisiana, Mr. Hebert joined

the Army infantry in 1943 as

a private. Only 18 years old

at the time, he served until

1946. He was a proud recipi-

ent of the Purple Heart Award

for his service during World

War II.

In 1947, he enlisted in the

Naval Reserves, while also

attending Louisiana State

University, where he majored

in English and minored in

French. He earned a bach-

elor’s degree in 1952, and in

July of that year re-enlisted

in the Army and served as a

lieutenant during the Korean


Following military service,

Mr. Hebert concluded that

serving his country was his

calling, and he joined the For-

eign Service in 1955. Because

he already spoke French, the

State Department assigned

him to Paris. He met his wife,

AFSA Receives Six-Figure Planned Gift

Valeria (née Kovach), at a

State Department reception

and they married in 1968.

They began their life together

traveling for Mr. Hebert’s


Mr. Hebert, known for

his humor, was the chef in

the family, and the couple

loved to entertain. During his

career, they served in Russia,

China, United Arab Emirates,

France, Spain, Germany, Italy,

Czechoslovakia, Ethiopia,

Egypt and Washington D.C.

Valeria Hebert was also

hired by the Department of

State, where she worked for

20 years before retiring. The

couple never had children.

Mrs. Hebert’s brother and

a close friend serve as the

AFSA Scholarship Program’s


In September 1990, Mr.

Hebert retired. When Mrs.

Hebert died in 2004, he

decided to return to his

home state of Louisiana.

There he took up gardening

and filled in as a substitute

professor at Louisiana State

University, sharing stories

with students and giving

firsthand background on

foreign affairs issues from

his own experiences.

He also continued to

correspond with colleagues

and friends he met at his

posts around the world. Louis

Hebert is buried in Arlington


AFSA appreciates all

scholarship donations,

whether large or small. This

generosity has made the

AFSA Scholarship Program

what it is today, and we thank

our individual and organiza-

tional donors.

In the last 25 years alone,

AFSA has been able to assist

nearly 2,300 FS students

with college aid totaling $4.5

million. Since the program’s

establishment in 1926, more

than 3,500 children have

received in excess of $5 mil-

lion in awards.

As of November 2016, the

AFSA Scholarship Fund’s

endowment stood at $8

million. With careful man-

agement of these funds,

AFSA will be able to continue

to offer competitive merit

awards and financial aid

scholarships in perpetuity.

This membership benefit is

one that we look forward to

providing for many future

generations of Foreign Ser-

vice children.

For more information on

applying for a 2017 AFSA

scholarship, visit



Louis and Valeria Hebert.