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Governing Board

Meeting, Oct. 5, 2016

Consent Agenda:

The Governing Board approved the

consent agenda items, which were: (1) Sept. 7 Govern-

ing Board meeting minutes; (2) acceptance of Corey

Pickelsimer’s resignation as FAS representative and (3)

a thank you to Ambassador (ret.) Bill Farrand for his

years of service to AFSA, most recently as chair of the

AFSA Elections Committee.

Proposed AFSA Bylaw Amendments:

On a motion

from Secretary Bill Haugh, two amendments to the

AFSA bylaws were submitted to the Elections Commit-

tee. The proposed changes will appear in the Jan-Feb

AFSA News.

AFSA Building Loan:

Treasurer Charles Ford, on behalf

of the Finance, Audit and Management Committee,

moved that the remaining balance of the AFSA building

loan be paid off fromAFSA’s operating reserve fund. The

recommendation was approved unanimously.

U.S. Diplomacy Center:

Treasurer Charles Ford, on

behalf of the FAM Committee, moved that AFSA pro-

vide an in-kind contribution of $100,000 to the AFSA

Fund for American Diplomacy for activities which would

support the U.S. Diplomacy Center and AFSA outreach

priorities. The motion was approved unanimously.

Labor Management SOP:

On behalf of the Executive

Committee, Secretary Bill Haughmoved to approve

proposed changes in“AFSAPolicy Regarding Provision

of Labor Management Services”and the“Explanation of

Services and Scope of Representation”client signature

form. The board approved the motion unanimously. The amended policy can be found on the AFSAwebsite.

Appointment of State Representative:

With no objec-

tion from the board, Donald E. Jacobson was appointed

as a State Representative.

Legal Defense Fund:

AFSA Secretary Bill Haugh pro-

posed the creation of an AFSA Legal Defense Fund Com-

mittee and the appointment of State Rep. TriciaWing-

erter as chair and State Reps Jason Donovan and Alison

Storsve and Retiree Representatives Patricia Butenis and

Dean Haas to the committee. The motion was approved


Scholarship Committee:

With no objection from the

board, Cynthia Guven and State Reps Alison Storsve and

Kara McDonald were appointed to fill three vacancies on

the AFSA Scholarship Committee.