The Foreign Service Journal - December 2017

30 DECEMBER 2017 | THE FOREIGN SERVICE JOURNAL FOCUS ON HOW DIPLOMACYWORKS U.S. diplomacy is vital to American prosperity and national security and to maintaining a peaceful world. Here are some examples of the critical work diplomats do. As part of AFSA’s mission to tell the story of the Foreign Service, The Foreign Service Journal has begun building a collection of narrative “ case studies." We reached out to the association’s membership, asking for their stories of a time, an event or a day when diplomacy achieved an important objective. The response has been excellent, such that the compilation here is Part I of what promises to be a continuing series. We will publish Part II in January. Written by active-duty and retired members of the U.S. Foreign Service, these accounts offer vivid illustrations of the indispensable everyday work of career diplomats and develop- ment professionals around the world. If you have a story to add, please send it to , with subject line “Diplomacy Works." —The Editors Diplomacy Works: First-Person Stories from the Field