The Foreign Service Journal - December 2017

THE FOREIGN SERVICE JOURNAL | DECEMBER 2017 5 December 2017 Volume 94, No.10 FOREIGN SERVICE Focus on How Diplomacy Works 22 The Making of an Effective Diplomat: A Global View How do diplomatic services around the world ensure their governments have a steady supply of the most effective professional envoys? By Ro b e r t Hu t c h i n g s a n d J e rem i Su r i FS Heritage 43 The Foreign Service Institute at 70: Recalling a Proud History Though much has changed at FSI in its 70 years of operation, its core mission remains to serve those who serve America around the world. By S t eve n A l a n Ho n l ey Education Supplement 64 Raising Multilingual Children in the Foreign Service Raising children in more than one language is seldom straightforward and can leave parents second-guessing their approach. Here is a look at the challenges and how to meet them. By N i c o l e Sc h a e f e r-McDa n i e l a n d J e n n i f e r K i r k D i n o i a 78, 80, 82 Schools at a Glance 86 Educational Preparedness: When an Evacuation Disrupts School Like it or not, evacuations have become a fact of Foreign Service life. Here are some tips to ensure your child’s education is not compromised by a sudden departure from post. By Ma r y b e t h Hu n t e r, Ce c i l e M i n e s a n d Co u r t n ey Co l b e r t 30 Diplomacy Works— First-Person Stories from the Field U.S. diplomacy is vital to American prosperity and national security and to maintaining a peaceful world. Here are some examples of the critical work diplomats do.