The Foreign Service Journal - December 2017

THE FOREIGN SERVICE JOURNAL | DECEMBER 2017 55 AFSA NEWS Meet the Committee: Awards & Plaques At its August meeting the AFSA Governing Board appointed State Repre- sentative Josh Glazeroff as the new chair of the AFSA Awards & Plaques Commit- tee. State Representatives Tricia Wingerter and Anne Coleman-Honn, FCS Alter- nate Representative Mat- thew Hilgendorf and USAID Representative Madeline Williams were appointed as committee members. The work of the AFSA Awards & Plaques Com- mittee is some of the most rewarding and most memo- rable of the association, and we thank the new commit- tee members for volunteer- ing their time and efforts. AFSA’s awards program centers on two commemo- rative events: one with a focus on remembrance, the other on recognition. Foreign Service Day, in May, honors those members of the Foreign Service who have died overseas due to circumstances distinc- tive to their service. Pass- ing through the C Street entrance and seeing all the names engraved on the wall, we remember the chal- lenges of our work and all members’ true commitment to serving the people of the United States. The Awards & Plaques Committee is charged with reviewing the case of each member who has died while on duty and recommending names to be added. The AFSA Awards Ceremony, headlined by presentation of the Lifetime Contributions to American Diplomacy Award, high- lights the efforts members make each day and over their careers. At the annual ceremony, we recognize a lifetime contributor for their distinctive impact on our profession. AFSA bestows a number of other awards. Honoring constructive dissent are the W. Averell Harriman, William R. Rivkin, Christian A. Herter and F. Allen “Tex” Harris Awards for entry-level, mid- level, senior level officers and Foreign Service special- ists respectively. There are six exemplary performance awards: the M. Juanita Guess Award for a community liaison officer; the Avis Bohlen Award for an eligible family member; the Nelson B. Delavan Award for an office management specialist; AFSA post rep- resentative of the year; the Mark Palmer Award for the Advancement of Democracy, which was established in 2015; and the AFSA Achieve- ments and Contributions Award, which recognizes an AFSA member for outstand- ing contributions to the association. The Awards & Plaques Committee assists with the Sinclaire Language Awards given annually to up to 10 Foreign Service The 2017-2019 Awards & Plaques Committee members, from left, Tricia Wingerter, Anne Colman-Honn, Josh Glazeroff and Matthew Hilgendorf at a recent meeting. Not pictured, Madeline Williams. members for skill in a hard or very hard language and its associated culture. It also coordinates the George F. Kennan Writing Award given for the best essay on strategy or policy by a State Department employee who graduates from the National War College. Just as we honor the passing of those who die in service to our country, the positive contributions of our friends and colleagues merit the highest recognition. Please join the Awards & Plaques Committee’s efforts by submitting nominations for any and all of AFSA’s awards, and please cel- ebrate with us at our annual events. n AFSA/GEMMADVORAK