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AFSA Annual Report 2013





Word Cloud of Terms Used in AFSANet Messages in 2013

Scholarship Committee:

Jonathan Crawford, Lori Dec, Amb. Lange

Schermerhorn, Lora Berg, Lawrence Cohen. (Not pictured: Maureen

O’Neill, Mark Petry, John Yuhas).

Awards and Plaques Committee:

Amb. Ed Marks, Marietta Bartoletti,

Amb. John Limbert, Janice Bay, Amb. Ed Peck, Eva Groening, Daniel

Martinez, Perri Green. (Not pictured: Adam Center, Patricia Norland).

The Foreign Service Journal

Editorial Board:

(Left to right, front row)

Ruth Hall, Maria Livingston, James DeHart, Steve Buck, Richard McKee.

(Back row) Tracy Whittington, Duncan Walker, John G. Rendeiro Jr.,

Clayton Bond, Beth Payne. (Not pictured: Amb. Gordon Brown.)

Committee on Elections:

Amb. Robert “Bill” Farrand (chair), Richard

Thompson, Denise Jobin Welch and Michael Conlon.

Professionalism and Ethics Committee:

Amb. Charles Ray (chair),

David Brownstein, Tanya Cole, Angela Dickey, Robert Dry,

Eva Groening, Mary Jeffers, Susan R. Johnson, Michael Ross,

and Amb. David Greenlee.

AFSA-PAC Advisory Committee:

Amb. Thomas A. Boyatt (chair),

Amb. Robert M. Beecroft, James Meenan, Eugene Schmiel,

Barry Friedman, and Donald Kursch.