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AFSA Awards:

Recognizing the Best


ach year since 1968, AFSA has honored those in the Foreign

Service community who have demonstrated intellectual cour-

age, exemplary performance and outstanding service.

Winners of AFSA’s Constructive Dissent, Exemplary Per-

formance and Lifetime Contributions to American Diplomacy

Awards are recognized each June at a ceremony in the Benjamin

Franklin Diplomatic Reception Room at the Department of State.

Charles Stuart “Stu” Kennedy received this year’s Lifetime

Contributions to American Diplomacy Award

in recognition of a distinguished Foreign Service

career and a lifetime of public service. Kennedy

retired from the Foreign Service in 1985 with

the rank of Minister Counselor. He created the

Foreign Affairs Oral History Collection while

serving as managing director of The George

Washington University’s Foreign Service His-

tory Center. The program moved to the Associa-

tion of Diplomatic Studies and Training in 1988,

where Kennedy continues to serve as its director.

The ADST Oral History Collection now includes

more than 1,800 entries, which are all posted

on the Library of Congress website (http://

cy). It is fitting that during its 90th anniversary

year, AFSA recognized Kennedy for his invalu-

able contribution to keeping the stories of the

Foreign Service alive.

Recognizing Dissent

AFSA offers four awards for constructive dissent to Foreign Ser-

vice members who work constructively within the system to

change policy and performance for the better. Such dissent may

be made in any nonpublic channel, including meetings, emails to

superiors, memoranda, telegrams or via the State Department’s

formal Dissent Channel. These awards are unique within the fed-

eral government.

These awards are not necessarily given each year, but only when

a deserving candidate is identified. In 2014, following a robust

publicity campaign of AFSAnet email messages, cables and




articles, AFSA received nominations in all catego-

ries. And, for the first time since 2006, we bestowed all four awards.


W. Averell Harriman Award

for entry-level Foreign Ser-

vice officers was given to William O’Bryan, who convinced Mis-

sion Saudi Arabia to start attending trials of human rights activ-

ists, giving the mission a window into the Saudi legal system that

did not previously exist.

David Holmes received the

William R. Rivkin Award

for mid-

level officers. Holmes argued that the division of authority be-

tween the Office of the Special Representative for Afghanistan and

Pakistan and the Bureau of Central and South Asian Affairs was

hindering U.S. diplomatic priorities.


F. Allen “Tex” Harris Award

for Foreign Service Special-

ists was awarded to Nick Pietrowicz, who raised important con-

cerns about the need to balance human rights and respect for

the rule of law in U.S. programs that provide counterterrorism

assistance to other countries.

Ambassador Jonathan Addleton, a USAID FSO, was awarded


Christian A. Herter Award

for a senior Foreign Service of-

ficer. Addleton’s belief that the State Department’s complex system

for reviewing requests by Foreign Service personnel to speak and

write is overly risk-averse and inhibits rapid responses led him to

urge a systematic review of the department’s public affairs policy.

Recognizing Outstanding Performance

AFSA gave three awards for exemplary performance in 2014.

These awards highlight the professionalism and spirit of service

and volunteerism found within the Foreign Service community.


Avis Bohlen Award

for an eligible family member of a

Foreign Service employee went to Kari Osborne for her volunteer

work in Mexico City.

Mary Kay Cunningham won the

M. Juanita Guess Award


a community liaison office coordinator for creating a supportive

and positive environment while serving as CLO in Kabul.


Nelson B. Delavan Award

for a Foreign Service office

management specialist was given to Carol K. Backman, who used

her exemplary computer skills to great effect at Embassy Ankara.

Sinclaire Awards

AFSA is also proud to recognize Foreign Service employees for

Awards and Plaques Committee:

(from left) Perri Green, Kit Norland, Daniel

Martinez, Eva Groening, Amb. Ed Marks, Robert Silverman, Amb. John Limbert,

Janice Bay, Amb. Ed Peck, Ruth Hall, Allison Lee, Adam Center, Anthony

Fernandes. (

Not pictured:

Joseph Bristol.)