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Outreach Events and Media Coverage

The communications team has sought to increase and diversify

events held at AFSA. This year we held 23 events—ranging from

author talks and movie screenings toWorld Cup viewing parties—

at our Washington headquarters (nearly double the number of

events held in 2013). Our aim is to produce events and gatherings

that are both informative and welcoming to all of our members.

This year has been excellent for media coverage of AFSA. We

are proud that the “Voice of the Foreign Service” has been cited

more than 1,500 times in stories in nearly every major U.S. media

outlet and many outlets overseas. Much of the media attention fo-

cused on AFSA’s “Chief-of-Mission Guidelines,” released in early

2014, and the issue of the ongoing backlog of am-

bassadorial nominees in the Senate.

AFSA used the opportunity presented by

public discussion of ambassadorial appoint-

ments to build important new relationships that

we expect will have a long-term, positive impact

for our members as we move forward on this and

many other important issues by building AFSA

brand awareness and enhancing understanding

of the crucial work done by the women and men

of the Foreign Service.

We expanded our use of social media in 2014,

posting new kinds of content, attempting dif-

ferent kinds of engagement and doing more to

push out provocative content aimed at increasing

feedback and discussion. AFSA sees social me-

dia as yet another way to engage with our mem-

bers—and the public at large—and we welcome

comments, questions and retweets. The “AFSA

Daily Media Digest,” an online compendium of

the day’s news stories, opinion pieces and blog posts about issues

affecting the Foreign Service continued to grow apace in 2014. We

also added a fourth social media channel: the photo-sharing web-

site Flickr. This lets us share even more photographs from AFSA

events, Capitol Hill visits and our members in action.

We continue to see encouraging results from this social media

outreach. Our Facebook audience increased by more than 28 per-

cent this year. The number of Twitter followers rose by 101 percent

and YouTube views were up an outstanding 126 percent. All of

this growth is organic, as we do not actively promote our social

Authors from the


’s annual “In Their Own Write” issue

participate in AFSA’s first Book Market in November 2014.

AFSA President Bob Silverman and State VP Matthew Asada, along with members

of the Chief of Mission working group, take questions from reporters during a press

teleconference in February 2014.

Author Ron Capps signs books following his Book Notes

presentation at AFSA Headquarters in July 2014.