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media presence through paid advertising or targeted promotions.

Our separate Facebook pages for

The Foreign Service Journal


Inside a U.S. Embassy

are also doing well, and we continue to use

them to engage with a defined audience. By the end of the year,

member subscriptions for the “Daily Media Digest” topped 1,400.

If you are an AFSA member and are not yet receiving the digest

but want to, send a message to

, and we’ll

add you to the list!

The AFSA website



our best online outreach

tool. In 2014, more unique

visitors than ever before

used the site; since the

current site launched in

2011, the number of users

has grown by 67 percent.

The number of visitors

to the


section of the

AFSA website grew by a

whopping 189 percent



articles became

available online in a more

user-friendly format in

November 2013. The sec-

tion of the site where we

track ambassadorial ap-

pointments also jumped

by more than 100 percent

from 2013, mostly thanks

to AFSA’s increasingly vis-

ible advocacy on the issue.

The most popular sec-

tions of the website in 2014 were the national high school essay

contest, the ambassador tracker, Foreign Service blogs,

The For-

eign Service Journal

and AFSA scholarships.

In the last quarter of 2014, the communications team under-

took the ambitious task of refreshing the website—the first major

update since 2011. Although the process of cleaning up an inven-

tory of more than 600 pages on the site has been time-consuming,

we expect the result to be faster loading times, easier-to-find in-

formation and an improved user experience overall.

In 2015, we look forward to bringing a newly reorganized web-

site to our members, with even more functionality for streamlined

ways to join AFSA, renew membership, make donations, update

member profiles, purchase items such as the Foreign Service com-

memorative coin and engage with colleagues.


Labor Management:

Looking Out For Members


FSA’s 2014 survey showed that members greatly value the in-

dividual services provided by the labor management (LM)

office. This is true even for those members who have never re-

quested assistance from our staff of five attorneys, three labor

management specialists and two administrative support persons.

We know, in fact, that many members view the Labor Manage-

ment services as an insurance policy—we are there if you need

us, although you hope you never will. In 2014, LM implemented a

Client Types

Foreign Service


214 / 50.71%

Other (Associates/


22 / 5.21%

Foreign Service


186 / 44.08%

Labor Management Staff:

(from left)

Front Row:


Assistant Chioma Dike, Senior Staff Attorney Neera Parikh,

Executive Assistant and Office Manager Lindsey Botts, General

Counsel Sharon Papp, Staff Attorney Raeka Safai.

Back Row:

Senior LM Advisor James Yorke, LM Counselor Colleen Fallon-

Lenaghan, Staff Attorney Andrew Large, Deputy General Counsel

Zlatana Badrich, USAID Senior LM Advisor Douglas Broome, LM

Assistant Jason Snyder.

Filmmaker Orwa Nyrabia discusses

his documentary “Return to Homs”

at AFSA in April 2014.