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board members developed a clear and unencumbered

strategic vision. This activity was effectively linked with

the AFSA budget process in 2015 and 2016, which was

overseen by AFSA Treasurer Ambassador Charles Ford

and the Finance, Audit, and Management Committee.

The fruit of this strategy has impacted the AFSA opera-

tional structure so that we are aligning resources with

the fundamentals of the vision. These shifts are diffi-

cult, and take time to fully operationalize, but AFSA has

taken significant and responsibly bold steps to enhance

capacity, eliminate waste, and realign. As we have

aligned limited resources to further our goals in 2016,

we have had the business sense to modify activities

where it was strategically necessary to do so.

We also have made substantial strides on governance

and parliamentary procedure, improved human resourc-

es practices, enhanced technological tools, focused

fundraising goals, and have developed new manage-

ment oversight mechanisms for work flow.


In short, AFSA has been a vibrant, healthy, and energetic organization

that has made an impact in 2016. As an organization, AFSA is trans-

forming and continuing to modernize, and we are laying the ground-

work for the future. It is an exciting moment. I hope this report affords

you a window into what we have achieved and where AFSA is headed.


Governing Board.