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MSIs to 5% (rather than 10%) of employees ranked but

not reached for promotion. AFSA filed an appeal, which

was successful, with the FSLRB. On December 5, the

FSLRB remanded the case back to the Grievance Board.

We expect a final decision sometime in early to mid-

2017. The parties agreed to hold the 2015 MSI dispute in

abeyance pending a final decision in the 2014 case and

the 2016 MSI case currently is pending with the Depart-

ment. The labor-management office also filed an Unfair

Labor Practice against the Department for unilateral

changes made to the polygraph regulations found in 12

FAM. The ULP is currently at the investigatory phase.

AFSA filed a negotiability appeal when USAID refused to

bargain over its proposal to hire 20 non-Foreign Service

employees at the mid-level. The appeal was settled

when USAID agreed to withdraw its proposal. AFSA

currently has an implementation dispute pending before

the Foreign Agricultural Service regarding its implemen-

tation of the Agricultural Trade Office assignment policy.

AFSA recently settled a dispute with Foreign Commercial

Service regarding its unilateral decision to end a policy

of permitting FCS employees to attend the retirement

seminars and job search program at FSI. Finally, we are

close to signing a collective bargaining agreement with

APHIS that will govern our labor management relation-

ship. Please see State Vice President Angie Bryan’s

report on page 7, which provides additional detail on

labor-management issues in 2016.