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Make a charitable contribution to AFSA’s Fund for American Diplomacy, which supports out-

reach to tell the proud story of the Foreign Service to the American people. The FAD’s aim is to

build a domestic constituency for the Foreign Service so that we have supporters, ideally in all

50 states, prepared to stand up for the Foreign Service and defend our vitally important mission.

You can make a contribution at

Join the AFSA Speakers Bureau, and seek out opportunities for engaging with your fellow Amer-

icans in your community.

Become an AFSA member, and encourage your colleagues and friends to do the same.

Read Inside a U.S. Embassy or – even better – find opportunities to introduce it into high school

and college curricula on international affairs.

Stay current on issues impacting the Foreign Service by following AFSA on social media

(Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr) or subscribing to our Daily Media Digest emails.

Tell high school students in your community about our National High School Essay Contest.

And most importantly: Please stay in touch with AFSA! Let us know what you are concerned

about and what AFSA can do to help.