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The American Foreign Service Association is in close contact with management at all the foreign affairs agencies regarding the now-ended government shutdown.

We are aware that these agencies are currently developing plans to get back to business as usual, and AFSA will be speaking on behalf of our members with a focus on the concerns of those who protect and promote the interests of the United States overseas.

Please look for additional information on this topic as it becomes available.

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September 2013 CRS Report on a Government Shutdown


AFSA has been informed that November Foreign Service annuity payments that are due on November 1 will not be affected by the now-ended government shutdown. The Department had been operating on FY13 carryover funds, and planned to be able to work long enough hours this month to get the November 1st payments processed and into your bank accounts on time. Federal retirement payments, like Social Security benefits, fall under the “mandatory” budget category. As a result, they are not funded through annual appropriations or generally affected by funding deadlocks.

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