The Foreign Service Journal, June 2014

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Contents 5
Focus: Other Countries' Diplomatic Corps 21
A Legal Alien: Working at State As a Turkish Diplomat 21
The Indian Foreign Service: The Glass Gets Fuller 24
Life and Work in the Romanian Foreign Service 30
From Finland with Warmth 34
Feature 39
Our Woman in Havana 39
Education Supplement 59
The Revamped SAT: A Much-Needed Overhaul or Cosmetic Surgery? 59
When School Is Hard 64
Schools Charts 75
AFSA News 43
The Foreign Service Remembers Antoinette “Toni” Tomasek 43
State VP Voice: Post-Benghazi Security 44
FCS VP Voice: Reflectionson the Past Year 45
AFSA Welcomes First APHIS Governing Board Rep 45
Agreement on Ambassador Certificates 46
FSPS Annuity Supplement: A Reminder 46
Retiree VP Voice: On WAEs 47
USAID Honors Antoinette“Toni” Tomasek 49
USAID 2014 Survey 50
AFSA Leaders Meet Secretary Kerry 53
AFSA On the Hill: Happy 90th from the Virginia General Assembly! 54
How to Reduce the Public Diplomacy Deficit 55
Book Notes: Diplomacy in the Information Age 56
Revision of FAM Regulations 56
AFSA President Speaks in Austin and NYC 57
New TLG Intern Comes to Washington 57
Columns 7
President's Views: Telling Our Diplomacy Stories 7
Letter from the Editor: Diplomats of the World, Write! 8
Speaking Out: Publishing in the Foreign Service 16
Reflections: Shirley Temple Black: A Natural Diplomat 93
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Letters 9
Talking Points 12
Books 81
Local Lens 94
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Marketplace 15
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