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Adele was involved with the American
Aid Society from 1980 until her death,
serving as its president for more than
20 years. Each November, she gave a
summary of the year’s activities on the
occasion of the ambassador’s reading
of the president’s ofcial Tanksgiving
Founded in 1922 and housed in the
consular section of Embassy Paris, the
American Aid Society provides a multi-
tude of services that the U.S. government
cannot. Working closely with the embas-
sy’s American Services section and private
organizations like the American Church
and the American Cathedral, it assists
elderly American residents of France with
housing, medical needs and much more.
Te Society also reunites Americans with
lost belongings and advises them on deal-
ing with the French bureaucracy.
After 9/11 the AAS worked tirelessly
under Adele Annis’ leadership to assist
stranded Americans, coordinate ofers of
assistance from the French and communi-
cate with concerned families in the United
States. Her dedication and spirit will be
missed by the many people she helped.
Carman Cunningham
FSO, retired
San Rafael, Calif.
Due to a production error, the Table
of Contents in the September
incorrectly lists Tyler Sparks as the author
of both the Speaking Out column and the
FS Know-How column that immediately
follows. In fact, the latter piece was written
by Jefrey E. Zinsmeister.
In addition, the author ID for Tyler
Sparks’ Speaking Out column should have
said that he entered the Foreign Service in
2005, not 2008.
We regret the errors.