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as the world of diplomacy and development that the association
With that in mind, it seemed ftting to devote this frst issue of
the new era to the new generation of Foreign Service personnel,
hired since 2008 under the State Department’s Diplomacy 3.0
program and USAID’s Development Leadership Initiative. Te
centerpiece of that coverage is Shawn Dorman’s in-depth article,
“Te New Foreign Service Generation.” I think it’s safe to say that
her report, which features the voices of recent entrants to the Ser-
vice, represents the most thorough, insightful treatment of their
concerns and aspirations to have appeared anywhere to date.
We follow that with “Bridging the Foreign Service Generational
Gulf,” co-authored by a fourth-tour FSO, Brandon Possin, and a
senior FSO, Ambassador Larry Butler. As they note, more than
half of all current Foreign Service personnel have joined since
the 9/11 attacks, so it is imperative to fnd ways to integrate them
into the institutional culture and help supervisors manage them
more efectively. Whether you’re a senior, mid-level or entry-level
member of the Service, you’ll fnd valuable insights here.
Another voice from the new generation is featured at the back
of this issue. James Talalay, the spouse of a frst-tour FSO in Chen-
nai, took the photo featured in our frst installment of
Local Lens
And as a bonus, he also contributed this month’s
column, “You Want to Join the What…?”
Let me also call your attention to this month’s
Speaking Out
column, “Achieving Work-Life Balance,” by Lillian Wahl-Tuco.
While that subject obviously afects all members of the Foreign
Service and their families, it carries particular weight for newer
entrants as a factor in decisions about committing to the career.
Last but certainly not least, we ofer a timely feature describing
the story behind “Argo,” a brand-new flm (opening Oct. 12) about
the 1979-1981 Embassy Tehran hostage crisis.
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Our new Local Lens department will spotlight
the wealth of photographic talent among
FS personnel and family members.