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managers who are successful at priori-
tizing work-life balance in their ofces.
Finally, it would create a senior-level
work-life balance committee to cham-
pion these issues, for the good of the
department and all its employees.
From the Top Down ... and
From the Bottom Up
We would also welcome a focus on
work-life balance within the Quadrennial
Diplomacy and Development Review
implementation process, leading to
a long-term strategy to address these
But all of these ideas and initiatives
require at their core acceptance of the
value of championing work-life balance
at State and a desire to improve the cur-
rent situation.
Like many of my colleagues, I feel
lucky every day to work at State. It was
a dream come true to become an FSO
and serve my country, just as it is for our
newest colleagues. I’m also grateful to
have the chance to serve on the executive
board at Balancing Act at State.
We have found many allies, both
in HR’s Work-Life Division ofce and
elsewhere, who support our cause and
assist us in advocating for these issues.
Such support inspires us to keep going.
We want to see State move up to become
the best federal agency in which to work,
thanks to a culture known for work-life
balance and family-friendly policies.
And with enough vision, a lot of hard
work—and yes, some luck—we might just
succeed in bringing that about.