The Foreign Service Journal, October 2014

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Contents 5
Focus: Foreign Service Specialists 21
The New Specialists 21
Specialists Reflect on Their Work 33
Features 38
Learning from Women's Successes in Afghanistan 38
Flying Monkeys in the Embassy 41
FS Know-How 44
Child Custody Issues in Foreign Service Divorces 44
AFSA News 49
Celebrating the Life of Career Ambassador Terence A. Todman 49
State VP Voice: Conversions and the Foreign Service 50
FAS VP Voice: Member Survey Identifies Needed Changes 51
Deputy Secretary Burns Meets AFSA Board, Committee Members 51
USAID VP Voice: The Cost of Longer CPC Tours 52
A USAID History Lesson 53
AFSA Holds Town Hall for State Constituency 53
CFC: Support AFSA’s Fund for American Diplomacy 54
Adair Lecture Explores Diplomacy-Development Relationship 55
Active After Active Duty: FSO Bikes Across the U.S. 56
Congressman Seeks Insight on FS Life 57
AFSA Program for Interns: Amb. John Limbert on Life in the FS 58
Book Notes: Writing as Therapy for PTSD 59
AFSA Welcomes First HECFAA Intern 59
DACOR Keeps Foreign Service Community Connected 60
A Conversation with FSO Author Matthew Palmer 61
Family Member Matters: Letter to My Global Nomads 62
AFSA Awards Nearly $200,000 in Financial Aid Scholarships 63
Columns 7
President’s Views: Two Secrets of the Foreign Service 7
Letter from the Editor: Specialists Today 8
Speaking Out: What Specialists Want You to Know 17
Reflections: Refugee to Diplomat: A Journey 73
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