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leadership group (SLG) positions. The policy sought to enact and

enforce a minimum eight-year overseas requirement and a three-

year minimum as an FS-1 to be eligible to bid on an SLG position.

The policy was rescinded to allow for wider discussion to deter-

mine the best mix of criteria for eligibility.

In addition, to better leverage the field perspective in agency

policymaking, AFSA pushed for, and has begun to see, the cre-

ation of more Foreign Service positions in Washington.

Outreach and Honors

As AFSA’s USAID VP, I had the pleasure of serving as emcee at

a Congressional Networking event in March celebrating Women’s

History Month and International Women’s Day. The event placed

a spotlight on the profound role played by women in the history of

the Foreign Service, diplomacy and AFSA.

In a first-ever event, AFSA hosted a happy hour for mission di-

rectors during the annual Mission Directors’ Conference in Wash-

ington, D.C., to hear from agency leadership on issues from the

field. We hope to make this an annual occurrence.

In May, AFSA held a memorial ceremony at USAID for For-

eign Service Health Officer Antoinette “Toni” Tomasek, who died

at post in Haiti from injuries sustained in a car accident. FSO To-

masek’s name was also added to the AFSA Memorial Plaques at

State in a separate ceremony.

This year we were proud to honor USAID FSO Ambassador

Jonathan Addleton, who received AFSA’s Christian A. Herter

Award for constructive dissent by a Senior Foreign Service officer.

His dissent addressed the State Department’s restrictive outreach

policies and the resulting missed opportunities.

The coming year will hold many challenges, including keeping

the momentum going on revamping our performance manage-

ment system. AFSA USAID plans to launch a standing committee

in early 2015 to allow for more engagement and communication

on the issues that affect us all.


AFSA members mingle with invited guests from Capitol Hill at a networking event and presentation honoring Women’s History Month

and International Women’s Day.