Tracker: Current U.S. Ambassadors

Updated March 13, 2019

Total Positions: 188

The list below is alphabetized by country name. Click on a letter to jump down to the first country on the list whose name begins with that letter.

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Post Ambassador Career/Political Status
Afghanistan John R. Bass Career confirmed 9/28/17
African Union Mary Beth Leonard Career confirmed 6/29/16
Albania VACANT    
Algeria John Desrocher Career confirmed 8/3/17
Angola Nina Maria Fite Career confirmed 11/2/17
Argentina Edward C. Prado Political confirmed 3/22/18
Armenia Lynne M. Tracy Career confirmed 1/2/19
ASEAN NOMINATED: John Linder Political nominated 3/12/19
Australia Arthur B. Culvahouse, Jr. Political confirmed 1/2/19
Austria Trevor Traina Political confirmed 3/22/18
Azerbaijan Earle D. Litzenberger Career confirmed 1/2/19
Bahamas NOMINATED: Doug Manchester Political nominated 1/16/19
Bahrain Justin Siberell Career confirmed 9/28/17
Bangladesh Earl Robert Miller Career confirmed 10/12/18
Barbados NOMINATED: Leandro Rizzuto Political nominated 1/16/19
Belarus VACANT*    
Belgium Ronald Gidwitz Political confirmed 6/28/18
Belize VACANT    
Benin Patricia Mahoney Career confirmed 1/2/19
Bolivia VACANT*    
Bosnia and Herzegovina Eric George Nelson Career confirmed 1/2/19
Botswana Craig Lewis Cloud Career confirmed 1/2/19
Brazil VACANT    
Brunei Darussalam Matthew J. Matthews Career confirmed 1/2/19
Bulgaria Eric Seth Rubin Career confirmed 12/9/15
Burkina Faso Andrew R. Young Career confirmed 9/28/16
Burma Scot Marciel Career confirmed 2/9/16
Burundi Anne S. Casper Career confirmed 6/29/16
Cabo Verde VACANT    
Cambodia NOMINATED: W. Patrick Murphy Career nominated 1/16/19
Cameroon Peter Barlerin Career confirmed 11/2/17
Canada Kelly Knight Craft Political confirmed 8/3/17
Central African Republic Lucy Tamlyn Career confirmed 1/2/19
Chad VACANT    
Chile VACANT    
China Terry Branstad Political confirmed 5/22/17
Colombia Kevin Whitaker Career confirmed 4/1/14
Congo (DR) Michael A. Hammer Career confirmed 9/6/18
Congo (Republic of) Todd Haskell Career confirmed 5/18/17
Costa Rica Sharon Day Political confirmed 8/3/17
Côte d'Ivoire NOMINATED: Richard K. Bell Career nominated 1/3/19
Croatia W. Robert Kohorst Political confirmed 11/2/17
Cuba VACANT    
Cyprus Judith Garber Career confirmed 1/2/19
Czech Republic Stephen B. King Political confirmed 10/5/17
Denmark Carla Sands Political confirmed 11/2/17
Djibouti Larry André Career confirmed 11/2/17
Dominican Republic Robin Bernstein Political confirmed 6/28/18
Ecuador NOMINATED: Michael J. Fitzpatrick Career nominated 1/16/19
Egypt VACANT    
El Salvador NOMINATED: Ronald D. Johnson Political nominated 1/16/19
Equatorial Guinea Susan N. Stevenson Career confirmed 1/2/19
Eritrea VACANT*    
Estonia VACANT    
Eswatini (formerly Swaziland) Lisa J. Peterson Career confirmed 11/19/15
Ethiopia Michael Raynor Career confirmed 8/3/17
European Union Gordon Sondland Political confirmed 6/28/18
Fiji, Kiribati, Nauru, Tonga, & Tuvalu NOMINATED: Joseph Cella Political nominated 1/16/19
Finland Robert Frank Pence Political confirmed 3/22/18
France & Monaco Jamie McCourt Political confirmed 11/2/17
Gabon and São Tomé & Príncipe Joel Danies Career confirmed 2/15/18
The Gambia Richard C. Paschall III Career confirmed 1/2/19
Georgia VACANT    
Germany Richard Grenell Political confirmed 4/26/18
Ghana Stephanie S. Sullivan Career confirmed 9/6/18
Greece Geoffrey R. Pyatt Career confirmed 7/14/16
Guatemala Luis Arreaga Career confirmed 8/3/17
Guinea Simon Henshaw Career confirmed 1/2/19
Guyana Sarah-Ann Lynch Career confirmed 1/2/19
Haiti Michele Jeanne Sison Career confirmed 11/2/17
Holy See Callista Gingrich Political confirmed 10/16/17
Honduras VACANT    
Hungary David B. Cornstein Political confirmed 5/24/18
ICAO Thomas Carter Political confirmed 11/2/17
Iceland NOMINATED: Jeffrey Ross Gunter Political nominated 1/16/19
India Kenneth Juster Political confirmed 11/2/17
Indonesia Joseph R. Donovan, Jr. Career confirmed 9/28/16
Iraq NOMINATED: Matthew Tueller Career nominated 1/16/19
Ireland NOMINATED: Edward F. Crawford Political nominated 1/16/19
Israel David Friedman Political confirmed 3/23/17
Italy & San Marino Lewis Eisenberg Political confirmed 8/3/17
Jamaica NOMINATED: Donald Ray Tapia Political nominated 1/16/19
Japan William Hagerty IV Political confirmed 7/13/17
Jordan VACANT    
Kazakhstan William Moser Career confirmed 1/2/19
Kenya Kyle McCarter Political confirmed 1/2/19
Kosovo Philip Kosnett Career confirmed 9/6/18
Kuwait Lawrence R. Silverman Career confirmed 7/14/16
Kyrgyz Republic Donald Lu Career confirmed 9/6/18
Laos Rena Bitter Career confirmed 9/28/16
Latvia Nancy Bikoff Pettit Career confirmed 6/24/15
Lebanon Elizabeth Holzhall Richard Career confirmed 5/17/16
Lesotho Rebecca Eliza Gonzales Career confirmed 11/16/17
Liberia Christine Ann Elder Career confirmed 5/17/16
Libya VACANT    
Lithuania Anne Hall Career confirmed 7/14/16
Luxembourg J. Randolph Evans Political confirmed 5/24/18
Macedonia NOMINATED: Kate Marie Byrnes Career nominated 1/16/19
Madagascar & Comoros Michael P. Pelletier Career confirmed 1/2/19
Malawi NOMINATED: Robert K. Scott Career nominated 1/24/19
Malaysia Kamala Shirin Lakhdhir Career confirmed 12/9/16
Mali Dennis B. Hankins Career confirmed 1/2/19
Malta NOMINATED: Christine Toretti Political nominated 1/16/19
Marshall Islands Karen Brevard Stewart Career confirmed 5/17/16
Mauritania Michael Dodman Career confirmed 11/2/17
Mauritius & Seychelles David Dale Reimer Career confirmed 11/2/17
Mexico VACANT    
Micronesia Robert A. Riley III Career confirmed 5/17/16
Moldova Dereck J. Hogan Career confirmed 9/6/18
Mongolia Michael S. Klecheski Career confirmed 1/2/19
Montenegro Judy Rising Reinke Career confirmed 9/6/18
Morocco NOMINATED: David T. Fischer Political nominated 1/16/19
Mozambique Dennis W. Hearne Career confirmed 1/2/19
Namibia Lisa A. Johnson Career confirmed 11/16/17
NATO Kay Bailey Hutchison Political confirmed 8/3/17
Nepal Randy W. Berry Career confirmed 9/6/18
Netherlands Peter Hoekstra Political confirmed 11/9/17
New Zealand & Samoa Scott Brown Political confirmed 6/8/17
Nicaragua Kevin K. Sullivan Career confirmed 10/11/18
Niger Eric Whitaker Career confirmed 11/2/17
Nigeria W. Stuart Symington Career confirmed 9/28/16
Norway Kenneth J. Braithwaite Political confirmed 12/21/17
OAS Carlos Trujillo Political confirmed 3/22/18
OECD NOMINATED: Pamela Bates Political nominated 1/16/19
Oman Marc Sievers Career confirmed 11/19/15
OSCE NOMINATED: James S. Gilmore Political nominated 1/16/19
Pakistan VACANT    
Palau Amy Jane Hyatt Career confirmed 12/12/14
Panama VACANT    
Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands & Vanuatu Catherine Ebert-Gray Career confirmed 12/9/15
Paraguay M. Lee McClenny Career confirmed 12/21/17
Peru Krishna Urs Career confirmed 8/3/17
Philippines Sung Y. Kim Career confirmed 9/28/16
Poland Georgette Mosbacher Political confirmed 7/12/18
Portugal George E. Glass Political confirmed 8/3/17
Qatar VACANT    
Romania NOMINATED: Adrian Zuckerman Political nominated 1/16/19
Russia Jon Huntsman, Jr. Political confirmed 9/28/17
Rwanda Peter Hendrick Vrooman Career confirmed 2/15/18
Saudi Arabia NOMINATED: John Abizaid Political nominated 1/16/19
Senegal & Guinea-Bissau Tulinabo Salama Mushingi Career confirmed 5/18/17
Serbia Kyle R. Scott Career confirmed 12/9/15
Sierra Leone Maria Brewer Career confirmed 8/3/17
Singapore VACANT    
Slovakia Adam Sterling Career confirmed 5/17/16
Somalia Donald Yamamoto Career confirmed 10/11/18
Slovenia NOMINATED: Lynda Blanchard Political nominated 1/16/19
South Africa NOMINATED: Lana J. Marks Political nominated 1/16/19
South Korea Harry B. Harris, Jr. Political confirmed 6/28/18
South Sudan Thomas Hushek Career confirmed 4/26/18
Spain & Andorra Richard Duke Buchan III Political confirmed 11/2/17
Sri Lanka & Maldives Alaina Teplitz Career confirmed 9/6/18
Sudan VACANT*    
Suriname Karen Lynn Williams Career confirmed 10/11/18
Sweden NOMINATED: Kenneth Howery Political nominated 1/16/19
Switzerland & Liechtenstein Edward T. McMullen, Jr. Political confirmed 11/2/17
Syria VACANT*    
Tajikistan John Mark Pommersheim Career confirmed 1/2/19
Tanzania VACANT    
Thailand VACANT    
Timor-Leste Kathleen Fitzpatrick Career confirmed 11/2/17
Togo Eric W. Stromayer Career confirmed 1/2/19
Trinidad and Tobago Joseph Mondello Political confirmed 6/28/18
Tunisia Donald A. Blome Career confirmed 1/2/19
Turkey NOMINATED: David M. Satterfield Career nominated 2/25/19
Turkmenistan Allan Mustard Career confirmed 11/19/14
Uganda Deborah R. Malac Career confirmed 11/19/15
Ukraine Marie L. Yovanovitch Career confirmed 7/14/16
United Arab Emirates NOMINATED: John Rakolta Jr. Political nominated 1/16/19
United Kingdom Robert Wood Johnson IV Political confirmed 8/3/17
United Nations VACANT    
UN / Conf. on Disarmament Robert A. Wood Career confirmed 7/15/14
UN / Deputy Representative Jonathan R. Cohen Career confirmed 5/24/18
UN / Economic & Social Council Kelley Eckels Currie Political confirmed 8/3/17
UN / Geneva NOMINATED: Andrew Bremberg Political nominated 1/16/19
UN / Human Rights Council (U.S. withdrew on 6/19/18) VACANT    
UN / Management & Reform Cherith Norman Chalet Political confirmed 9/12/18
UN / Political Affairs VACANT    
UN / Rome NOMINATED: Kip Tom Political nominated 1/16/19
UN / Vienna Jackie Wolcott Political confirmed 9/24/18
UNESCO (U.S. withdrew on 12/31/18) VACANT    
Uruguay NOMINATED: Kenneth George Political nominated 1/16/19
Uzbekistan NOMINATED: Daniel Rosenblum Political/CS nominated 1/16/19
Venezuela VACANT*    
Vietnam Daniel Kritenbrink Career confirmed 10/26/17
Yemen Christopher P. Henzel Career confirmed 1/2/19
Zambia Daniel L. Foote Career confirmed 11/2/17
Zimbabwe Brian Nichols Career confirmed 6/28/18

* denotes that the U.S. does not currently exchange Ambassadors with that country

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