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New Staff

In January, AFSA welcomed new Retiree Counselor Todd Thur-

wachter. A Wisconsin native, Thurwachter is a retired FCS offi-

cer who served in Japan, China and Germany. He brings a strong

client-service orientation, gained from counseling and assisting

thousands of U.S. exporters over the years. As a Foreign Service

retiree himself, he has a personal understanding of the challenges

faced by retirees. He enjoys supporting, counseling and advocat-

ing for AFSA’s retired members and is keen on developing new

areas to add membership value for retirees.

AFSA Newsletter


AFSA Newsletter,

a regular bimonthly publication, delivers

the important and relevant content our members have come to

rely on in retirement and when transitioning into retirement.

This year we improved the look and style of the newsletter, mov-

ing to a new electronic version that is more user-friendly and

easily accessible. Re-

tiree members will also

continue to receive a

hard copy of the



in the mail.



AFSA is proud to have

developed the first U.S.

Foreign Service Com-

memorative Coin in

2014. The coin rec-

ognizes the dedica-

tion and service of our

members. We hope

members will enjoy

sharing it with their foreign affairs contacts, family and friends.

The silver-finish, 1.75-inch diameter coin has the Great Seal on

one side and the AFSA logo and slogan on the other.

Members may also enjoy displaying their affiliation by proudly

wearing the AFSA lapel pin. The .75-inch hard enamel gold finish

pin with logo design recessed and color-filled blue can be securely

fastened to a lapel or scarf.

In addition, the AFSA Medallion recognizes the careers and

contributions of Foreign Service personnel and their spouses and

partners. You can purchase these items through AFSA’s new on-

line store:

AFSA Memorial Tribute

Finally, we are pleased to have begun development of a perma-

nent online memorial tribute site to honor colleagues who have

died. The memorial tribute site will allow members to search for

names of the deceased, leave a brief comment in the guestbook

and make a donation in the deceased’s name. Family members

may take comfort in knowing that their loved ones are not for-

gotten by their friends and colleagues. The memorial tribute site

will include a brief bio, the member’s picture, and links to online

obituaries when known. The site will be accessible to AFSA mem-

bers in early 2015 and available by logging into the AFSA website:

. This is a new initiative, and we expect

the number of tributes and photographs to increase over time as

members contribute content and information.


Jeannie Singleton speaks on federal long term care and survivor

annuities at one of AFSA’s federal benefits events in July 2014.

Professionalism and Ethics Committee:

(from left) Jennifer

Becker, Susan Johnson, Robert Dry, Eva Groening, David

Brownstein. (

Not pictured:

Alec Augustine-Marceil, Anne Bodine,

Tanya Cole, Angela Dickey, Amb. Charles Ray.)

U.S. Foreign Service Commemorative

Coin introduced in 2014.