Current Issues

Image: AFSA Agrees to Promotion Board Consolidation
On May 1, the AFSA Governing Board voted to approve the Department’s proposal to consolidate the Classwide and the Conal Promotion Boards for Foreign Service officers.   [Read More...]

Image: The May <em>FSJ</em> Is Out!
This month, we take a close look at an evergreen Foreign Service challenge that has assumed greater urgency in recent years—how to manage risk in the conduct of diplomacy.   [Read More...]

Image: AFSA Welcomes QDDR
AFSA is pleased to see that the newly released QDDR 2.0 contain many of our recommended policies, including on LWOP, EFMs and technology.   [Read More...]

Image: The Ballots are Out!
Be sure to vote in the AFSA Governing Board and Proposed Bylaw Amendment election. Didn’t receive your ballot? Send an email to election@afsa.org.   [Read More...]

Image: AFSA Proposes Bylaw Amendment
The AFSA Governing Board has proposed one change to the association’s bylaws, to take effect in 2017. Click to learn more about the suggested amendment.   [Read More...]

Of Member Interest

AFSA always has opportunities to get involved with the association - committee positions, judging panels, board vacancies, etc. Check out what's available at the moment!   [Read More...]

Can't find that AFSAnet message from last week (or last month) in your email inbox? We've archived some of the more recent AFSAnet messages on our website for your convenience.   [Read More...]

Any member of the U.S. Foreign Service, active-duty or retired and from any foreign affairs agency, may become a regular member of AFSA. All others may join as an associate member.   [Read More...]

Benefits of Membership

Retired members receive extensive counseling and advice from our staff, free of charge.   [Read More...]

AFSA's dedicated legal staff offers assistance to our members free of charge, whether it relates to grievances, EER/AEF issues, tenure problems, etc.   [Read More...]

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