Current Issues

Image: Business Organizations and AFSA Bring Attention to Ambassador Backlog
BCIU, ISOA, and USCIB have joined AFSA in a letter to U.S. Senate leaders to express their deep concern with the backlog of ambassadorial nominees.   [Read More...]

Image: AFSA to File OCP Grievance
AFSA plans to file a cohort grievance with the Department on behalf of all Foreign Service colleagues who will have pay reduced this pay period in amounts larger than the OCP overpayment.   [Read More...]

Image: The September <em>FSJ</em> is Out!
The September issue’s focus is on AFSA’s 2014 award winners. Complete coverage of the awards ceremony is featured in the AFSA News section of the magazine. Also, Ambassador Marc Grossman asks what 21st-century diplomacy looks like.   [Read More...]

Image: AFSA Member Survey
AFSA is conducting a member survey on issues, services, activities and advocacy affecting the Foreign Service. All AFSA members are asked to give their views. The survey runs through September 19.   [Read More...]

Image: AFSA Priorities: OCP
AFSA remains engaged on numerous issues of importance to our members. See what we are doing on Overseas Comparability Pay (OCP).   [Read More...]

Of Member Interest

On November 6, 2013 the AFSA Governing Board approved its 2013-2015 strategic plan which identified five priority areas as outlined below: good governance, benefits – quality of work/life, career development, security, and image and profile.   [Read More...]

Can't find that AFSAnet message from last week (or last month) in your email inbox? We've archived some of the more recent AFSAnet messages on our website for your convenience.   [Read More...]

Any member of the U.S. Foreign Service, active-duty or retired and from any foreign affairs agency, may become a regular member of AFSA. All others may join as an associate member.   [Read More...]

Benefits of Membership

Retired members receive extensive counseling and advice from our staff, free of charge.   [Read More...]

AFSA's dedicated legal staff offers assistance to our members free of charge, whether it relates to grievances, EER/AEF issues, tenure problems, etc.   [Read More...]

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