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Matthew Asada, State Vice President

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Welcome! I am honored to serve as your full-time State Vice President. A member of AFSA since joining the Foreign Service more than 10 years ago, I was excited to join the Governing Board in 2011 as a State Representative and in 2013 as your elected State Vice President. I fundamentally believe in the importance of AFSA's dual role as the professional association and public sector union for the Department's 14,000 active duty Foreign Service employees. AFSA's Governing Board has identified five priority areas in our 2013-2015 Strategic Plan as outlined below: good governance, benefits - quality of work/life, career development, security, and image and profile.

During my two-year term I look forward to addressing these issues at the Department for all Foreign Service employees. The challenges facing the Service are many, but with your help we can tackle them together.

I welcome your suggestions and ideas and look forward to hearing from you! Stop by HST Room 1251 next time you're in the building and say hi. Your AFSA office is right across from the Employee Services Center.
HST 1251, (202) 647-8160



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