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Sharon Wayne, Vice President

Welcome to the online home of the AFSA USAID Vice President - and, by extension, all USAID members. I am here on your behalf to protect your interests, listen to your opinions, and answer your questions. AFSA monitors and works closely with the Agency, especially Human Resources, to assure that labor agreements are followed. Our relationship with HR is collaborative and we work diligently to prevent problems from occurring. When they do, we strive to arrive at the best outcome on your behalf. We are motivated by the following Core Values: Responsiveness; Effectiveness; Integrity; Efficiency; Teamwork; Courage; Empowerment; and Patriotism. In summary, we represent you and pledge our support when you need us. So, please feel free to contact us anytime via email or telephone.

You may always call me at (202) 712-1631 or email me at swayne@usaid.gov if you have questions or comments. My colleagues Jeffrey Cochrane and Lorraine Sherman are the USAID Representatives on the 2015-2017 AFSA governing board. You may contact them at jacochrane@usaid.gov and lsherman@usaid.gov. Our colleagues in the USAID office on the labor-management side are Senior Labor Management Advisor Doug Broome at (202) 712-0947 and Staff Assistant Erika Bethmann at (202) 712-1941.

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