Donate to AFSA

As a not-for-profit organization, AFSA's only sources of revenue are membership dues and advertising revenue from The Foreign Service Journal. To ensure that we have adequate funding for our various programs and initiatives, we have established five different funds for which we solicit contributions on an annual basis. Please take the time to read about these causes and consider making a donation in support of one or more of them.

Fund for American Diplomacy (FAD)

The Fund for American Diplomacy is AFSA's 501(c)(3) charitable organization. It has three main missions: Telling the story of the Foreign Service and our diplomats to the American public; encouraging student interest in a Foreign Service career and public service more generally; and honoring constructive dissent, exemplary performance, and outstanding service among the diplomatic corps. To that end, the FAD supports a variety of programs, including the memorial plaques, the AFSA awards, our Road Scholar programs and speakers bureau, minority internships, our national high school essay contest, various AFSA speaker series and book events, and our worldwide bestselling book, Inside a U.S. Embassy: Diplomacy at Work. Please click on the "Donate" button to make a donation. You can also make a donation to the FAD through the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC), where it is designated as #10646, "Diplomacy Matters - AFSA" - just click on the CFC logo to navigate to their site. Donations to the FAD are tax deductible.


AFSA Scholarship Fund

Each year, AFSA bestows close to $240,000 in college aid to deserving high school seniors and undergraduate college students, all of whom have a parent who is or was in the U.S. Foreign Service and an AFSA member. These scholarships include both need-based financial aid scholarships and merit awards for academic and art achievement. Please click on the "Donate" button to make a donation. You may also make a contribution through the Combined Federal Campaign using #11759 where we are listed as "Foreign Service Youth Scholarships - AFSA" - just click on the "GiveDirect" button to do so. Finally, your donation is tax deductible.


Legal Defense Fund (LDF)

AFSA's Legal Defense Fund was created in 2007 to provide financial assistance to members in cases involving issues of significant institutional importance to the Foreign Service. It was named after the late Richard Scissors, a longtime AFSA staff member whose expertise in labor-management issues was crucial to many an AFSA member during his tenure. Please click on the "Donate" button to make a donation. Donations to the LDF are not tax deductible.



The AFSA Political Action Committee makes donations to key members of Congress. Generally, recipients sit on one of four committees: the Senate Foreign Relations Committee; the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on State, Foreign Operations and Related Programs; the House Foreign Affairs Committee; and the House Appropriations Subcommittee on State, Foreign Operations and Related Programs. Donations to the AFSA-PAC are not tax deductible. Only AFSA members may donate to the PAC. Any donations over $200 must include employer and occupation. Checks made out to "AFSA-PAC" are mailed to AFSA-PAC, PO Box 97312, Washington, DC 20077-7027.


FSN Emergency Relief Fund

The FSN Emergency Relief Fund is not affiliated with AFSA; however, we strongly urge our members to make regular donations to this worthy cause, which supports our FSN/LES colleagues during crises and hardships. For instance, the Fund made significant contributions to many of the FSNs in Port-au-Prince, Haiti following the devastating earthquake in January 2010. Contributions should be made by check payable to the Department of State and earmarked for the Foreign Service National Emergency Fund. Checks should be sent to: FSN Emergency Relief Fund, C/O Gift Fund Administrator, RM, Room 7427, Department of State, Washington, DC. 20520. Regulations regarding gifts to the Fund may be found in 2 FAM 962.1-10.