Professionalism and Ethics

AFSA is engaged in a long-term project aimed at strengthening ethics and professionalism in the Foreign Service. To that end, we have established a Committee on the Foreign Service Profession and Ethics, chaired by retired FSO Rob Dry. The committee is charged with, among other things, creating a code of ethics and professional conduct for the Foreign Service, examining the possibility of regular ethics training for Foreign Service members, encouraging that such training be required for promotions within the Foreign Service, and otherwise more clearly defining and  institutionalizing professionalism within the Foreign Service.

This page will keep you informed about AFSA's activities in this area and make available information related to these issues as AFSA collects and creates them. If you are interested in this initiative, the committee's new Ethics Working Group is looking for volunteers, so please fill out and submit the application form (download Word doc or pdf link) as soon as possible. Submit the form to The Ethics Working Group will meet at least once or twice a month and be responsible for designing an interactive process by which AFSA and our members will work together to build a professional code of conduct for those engaged in world-wide available diplomatic service broadly defined.

AFSA Materials on Ethics and Professionalism

USG and DOS Ethics and Regulations

Codes of Conduct from Other Services/Countries

Ethics-Related Centers, Organizations and Think Tanks