AFSA Scholarships

Important Information

Congratulations to Gracia Luomo-Overstreet, College of William and Mary, for winning the first AFSA “Back-to-School” Photo Contest!

Basic Information

  • The deadlines for the 2014-15 academic year have passed. Applications for the next academic year will be available on November 15.
  • The deadline is February 6 for merit awards and March 6 for financial aid scholarships.
  • If your parents are not members of the Foreign Service please click here for AFSA’s High School Essay Contest information.
  • Eligibility Criteria

Contact Us

Lori Dec
Scholarship Director
(202) 944-5504

Jonathan Crawford
Scholarship Assistant
(202) 338-4045 ext. 714


The AFSA Scholarship Committee (From left to right): Larry Cohen, AFSA Governing Board Liaison; Lori Dec, Scholarship Director; Ambassador Lange Schermerhorn, Chairman; Bill Kutson, FCS rep.; and Jonathan Crawford, Scholarship Assistant.

Three of the 19 judges of the 2013 AFSA Merit Awards Program Joyce Namde, Cleveland Charles, and Jenae Johnson confer with Susan Johnson, former AFSA President.