Workers' Compensation Issues

AFSA’s Labor Management Office at the State Department has been contacted by many members over the past several years for advice on how to navigate the Workers' Compensation process.

The long-term treatment of all civilian government employees – including members of the Foreign Service – who are injured in the line of duty, or who suffer from a medical or psychiatric condition that can be attributed to government service – domestic or overseas – is reimbursed through compensation administered by the Office of Workers' Compensation (OWCP), part of the Department of Labor. OWCP has an office that deals with claims resulting from service overseas.

Members with access to the State Department’s Intranet should review this notice from HR, as well as HR’s Workers' Compensation page. The information below, taken from that page, includes valuable links and information about this process.

AFSA can provide advice on the process and can help members to assemble appropriate documentation. The Labor Management Office at State can be reached at (202) 647-8160 or The USAID office is available at (202) 712-1941.

Workers' Compensation Program

The most frequently asked questions about the Workers' Compensation Program have been included in an automated response to messages sent to on the State Department’s internal Intranet site. Questions and answers are also being added daily to the A Bureau's Center for Administrative Innovation Ask Admin knowledge base. Use Ask Admin's natural language query function to pose your question about workers' compensation. To review the Department of Labor's reference information, please click on the following publications. "Injury Compensation for Federal employees- Publication CA-810" and "Questions and Answers about the Federal Employees Compensation Act (FECA)".

What do I do first?

This site is organized to give convenient starting points for employees, supervisors, overseas HR specialists, Bureau OWCP Coordinators, POSHOs, and Health Unit staff when faced with a medical emergency on the job that may require filing a claim with the Office of Workers' Compensation. This new organization is intended to provide the right information to the right individuals at the right time – not to be a comprehensive handbook on the government's Workers' Compensation legislation and program.

Once the immediate needs have been met, employees, supervisors, HR Specialists, Bureau OWCP to the left to Coordinators, POSHOs, and Foreign Service Medical Providers are advised to review the material at the links become familiar with other steps required to file and follow-up on OWCP claims.

ECOMP (Employees’ Compensation Operations and Management Portal) is DOL’s online filing system.  The DOL/OWCP brochure on ECOMP is available to download and retain for reference.  To begin filing the initial CA-1 (for traumatic injury) OR the CA-2 (for occupational illness) claim, click on the following link, and complete Page 1.  Follow online instructions for sending the claim form electronically to the supervisor for Page 2 completion.  The Agency Reviewer (AR) is the bureau HR Coordinator in your Executive Office who serves as the AR for ECOMP, whose primary responsibility is to serve as the employee’s POC on the claim form and the technical reviewer for submission to OWCP for processing.  Please contact your AR for questions and for the OWCP case/claim number within 2 to 7 business days to give to your doctor/medical provider(s) for OWCP medical bill payments and/or reimbursements.

The Post-Combat Case Coordinator (PCCC) at State can be reached at for “qualified employees” who meet the following definition as described under Section 1106 of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for FY-2012:  “Employees who suffer an injury or disability incurred, or an illness contracted, while in the performance of their duties, as a result  of a war-risk hazard or during or as a result of capture, detention, or other restraint by a hostile force or individual.”