List of Ambassadorial Appointments

Updated April 15, 2014

Obama Appointees Since 2009:
Career: 208 – 63.0% (188 confirmed, 1 recess appointment, 19 nominated)
Political: 122 – 37.0% (103 confirmed, 1 recess appointment, 18 nominated)


Total Positions: 187

* denotes that the nominee has had a hearing before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee
(+) denotes that the individual was a political campaign bundler

The list below is alphabetized by country name. Click on a letter to jump down to the first country on the list whose name begins with that letter.

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Post Ambassador Career/Political Status
Afghanistan James B. Cunningham Career (confirmed 08/02/12)
African Union Reuben E. Brigety II Political (confirmed 08/01/13)
Albania Donald Lu Career (nominated)
Algeria Henry S. Ensher Career (confirmed 05/26/11)
Angola* Helen M. La Lime Career (nominated)
Arctic Council VACANT    
Argentina* Noah Mamet Political (+)
Armenia John Heffern Career (confirmed 09/26/11)
ASEAN Nina Hachigian Political (nominated)
Australia John Berry Political (confirmed 08/01/13)
Austria Alexa Wesner Political (+) (confirmed 08/01/13)
Azerbaijan Richard L. Morningstar Political (confirmed 06/29/12)
Bahamas Cassandra Q. Butts Political (nominated)
Bahrain Thomas C. Krajeski Career (confirmed 10/18/11)
Bangladesh Dan W. Mozena Career (confirmed 10/18/11)
Barbados Larry Leon Palmer Career (confirmed 03/29/12)
Belarus VACANT    
Belgium Denise Bauer Political (+) (confirmed 08/01/13)
Belize* Carlos Moreno Political (nominated)
Benin Michael Raynor Career (confirmed 05/24/12)
Bolivia VACANT    
Bosnia & Herzegovina Maureen Cormack Career (nominated)
Botswana Michelle Gavin Political (confirmed 04/14/11)
Brazil Liliana Ayalde Career (confirmed 08/01/13)
Brunei Darussalam Daniel L. Shields III Career (confirmed 03/03/11)
Bulgaria Marcie B. Ries Career (confirmed 08/02/12)
Burkina Faso Tulinabo Mushingi Career (confirmed 07/09/13)
Burma Derek Mitchell Political (confirmed 06/29/12)
Burundi Dawn Liberi Career (confirmed 09/22/12)
Cambodia William E. Todd Political (confirmed 03/29/12)
Cameroon* Michael Hoza Career (nominated)
Canada Bruce Heyman Political (+) (confirmed 03/12/14)
Cape Verde Adrienne O'Neal Career (confirmed 10/18/11)
Central African Republic Laurence D. Wohlers Career (confirmed 08/05/10)
Chad James Knight Career (confirmed 05/23/13)
Chile Michael A. Hammer Career (confirmed 03/06/14)
China Max Sieben Baucus Political (confirmed 02/06/14)
Colombia Kevin Whitaker Career (confirmed 04/01/14)
Congo (DR) James Swan Career (confirmed 08/01/13)
Congo (Republic of) Stephanie S. Sullivan Career (confirmed 08/01/13)
Costa Rica VACANT
Cote d'Ivoire Terence McCulley Career (confirmed 08/01/13)
Croatia Kenneth Merten Career (confirmed 03/29/12)
Cyprus John M. Koenig Career (confirmed 08/02/12)
Czech Republic Andrew Schapiro
Political (+) (nominated)
Denmark Rufus Gifford Political (confirmed 08/01/13)
Djibouti Thomas P. Kelly
Career (nominated)
Dominican Republic James 'Wally' Brewster, Jr. Political (+) (confirmed 11/14/13)
Ecuador Adam Namm Career (confirmed 04/26/12)
El Salvador Mari Carmen Aponte Political (confirmed 06/14/12)
Equatorial Guinea Mark L. Asquino Career (confirmed 06/29/12)
Eritrea VACANT    
Estonia Jeffrey D. Levine Career (confirmed 03/29/12)
Ethiopia Patricia M. Haslach Career (confirmed 08/01/13)
European Union Anthony L. Gardner Political (confirmed 02/12/14)
Fiji, Kiribati, Nauru, Tonga, & Tuvalu Frankie A. Reed Career (confirmed 08/02/11)
Finland Bruce Oreck Political (+) (confirmed 08/07/09)
France & Monaco VACANT
Gabon and São Tomé & Principe* Cynthia Akuetteh Career (nominated)
The Gambia Edward (Ned) Alford Career (confirmed 06/29/12)
Georgia Richard Norland Career (confirmed 03/29/12)
Germany John Emerson Political (+) (confirmed 08/01/13)
Ghana Gene Cretz Career (confirmed 08/02/12)
Greece David D. Pearce Career (confirmed 08/01/13)
Guatemala VACANT
Guinea Alexander M. Laskaris Career (confirmed 08/02/12)
Guyana D. Brent Hardt Career (confirmed 06/30/11)
Haiti Pamela Ann White Career (confirmed 03/29/12)
Holy See Kenneth Hackett Political (confirmed 08/01/13)
Honduras Lisa Kubiske Career (confirmed 06/30/11)
Hungary* Colleen Bradley Bell Political (+) (nominated)
ICAO Michael A. Lawson Political (nominated)
Iceland* Robert C. Barber Political (+) (nominated)
India Nancy J. Powell Career (confirmed 03/29/12)
Indonesia Robert Blake Career (confirmed 11/05/13)
Iraq Robert S. Beecroft Career (confirmed 09/22/12)
Ireland VACANT    
Israel Daniel B. Shapiro Political (confirmed 05/26/11)
Italy & San Marino John Phillips Political (confirmed 08/01/13)
Jamaica* Luis Moreno Career (nominated)
Japan Caroline Kennedy Political (confirmed 10/16/13)
Jordan Alice Wells
Career (nominated)
Kazakhstan Kenneth J. Fairfax Career (confirmed 06/30/11)
Kenya Robert Godec Career (confirmed 01/02/13)
Kosovo Tracey Ann Jacobson Career (confirmed 03/29/12)
Kuwait Douglas A. Silliman Career (nominated)
Kyrgyz Republic Pamela Spratlen Career (confirmed 03/03/11)
Laos Dan Clune Career (confirmed 08/01/13)
Latvia Mark A. Pekala Career (confirmed 03/29/12)
Lebanon David Hale Career (confirmed 08/01/13)
Lesotho* Matthew T. Harrington Career (nominated)
Liberia Deborah Ruth Malac Career (confirmed 08/02/12)
Libya Deborah Kay Jones Career (confirmed 05/23/13)
Lithuania Deborah McCarthy Career (confirmed 01/02/13)
Luxembourg Robert A Mandell Political (confirmed 10/18/11)
Macedonia Paul Wohlers Career (confirmed 08/02/11)
Madagascar & Comoros VACANT    
Malawi Jeanine E. Jackson Career (confirmed 06/30/11)
Malaysia Joseph Y. Yun Career (confirmed 08/01/13)
Mali Mary Beth Leonard Career (confirmed 10/18/11)
Malta Gina Abercrombie-Winstanley Career (confirmed 03/29/12)
Marshall Islands Thomas Hart Armbruster Career (confirmed 08/02/12)
Mauritania* Larry E. Andre Career (nominated)
Mauritius & Seychelles Sharon Villarosa Career (confirmed 09/22/12)
Mexico Earl Anthony Wayne Career (confirmed 08/02/11)
Micronesia Doria Rosen Career (confirmed 06/29/12)
Moldova William H. Moser Career (confirmed 08/02/11)
Mongolia Piper A.W. Campbell Career (confirmed 06/29/12)
Montenegro Sue K. Brown Career (confirmed 03/03/11)
Morocco Dwight L. Bush, Sr. Political (+) (confirmed 03/13/14)
Mozambique Douglas M. Griffiths Career (confirmed 06/29/12)
Namibia* Thomas Daughton Career (nominated)
NATO Douglas Lute Political (confirmed 08/01/13)
Nepal Peter W. Bodde Career (confirmed 06/29/12)
Netherlands Timothy Broas Political (+) (confirmed 03/13/14)
New Zealand & Samoa* Mark Gilbert Political (+) (nominated)
Nicaragua Phyllis M. Powers Career (confirmed 03/29/12)
Niger* Eunice Reddick Career (nominated)
Nigeria James Entwistle Career (confirmed 08/01/13)
Norway* George J. Tsunis Political (+) (nominated)
OAS Carmen Lomellin Political (confirmed 11/20/09)
OECD Daniel W. Yohannes Political (confirmed 04/09/14)
Oman Greta C. Holtz Career (confirmed 08/02/12)
OSCE Daniel Brooks Baer Political (confirmed 08/01/13)
Pakistan Richard G. Olson, Jr. Career (confirmed 09/22/12)
Palau* Amy Jane Hyatt Career (nominated)
Panama Jonathan Farrar Career (confirmed 03/29/12)
Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands & Vanuatu Walter North Career (confirmed 09/22/12)
Paraguay James H. Thessin Political (confirmed 06/30/11)
Peru* Brian A. Nichols Career (nominated)
Philippines Philip Goldberg Career (confirmed 11/14/13)
Poland Stephen Mull Career (confirmed 09/22/12)
Portugal Robert A. Sherman Political (+) (confirmed 02/12/14)
Qatar Susan Ziadeh Career (confirmed 06/30/11)
Romania VACANT    

Rwanda Donald W. Koran Career (confirmed 06/30/11)
Saudi Arabia Joseph W. Westphal Political (confirmed 03/26/14)
Senegal & Guinea Bissau Lewis A. Lukens Career (confirmed 06/30/11)
Serbia Michael Kirby Career (confirmed 08/02/12)
Sierra Leone* John Hoover Career (nominated)
Singapore Kirk Wagar Political (+) (confirmed 08/01/13)
Slovak Republic Theodore Sedgwick Political (confirmed 06/30/10)
Slovenia Joseph A. Mussomeli Career (confirmed 09/29/10)
South Africa Patrick Gaspard Political (confirmed 08/01/13)
South Korea Sung Y. Kim Career (confirmed 10/13/11)
South Sudan Susan D. Page Political (confirmed 10/18/11)
Spain & Andorra James Costos Political (+) (confirmed 08/01/13)
Sri Lanka & Maldives Michele Sison Career (confirmed 06/29/12)
Sudan VACANT    
Suriname Jay Anania Career (confirmed 06/29/12)
Swaziland Makila James Career (confirmed 05/24/12)
Sweden Mark Francis Brzezinski Political (confirmed 10/18/11)
Switzerland & Liechtenstein Suzi LeVine Political (+) (nominated)

Tajikistan Susan Marsh Elliott Career (confirmed 06/29/12)
Tanzania Mark Childress Political (confirmed 04/07/14)
Thailand Kristie A. Kenney Career (confirmed 09/29/10)
Timor-Leste* Karen Clark Stanton Career (nominated)
Togo Robert E. Whitehead Career (confirmed 03/29/12)
Trinidad and Tobago* John Estrada Political (nominated)
Tunisia Jacob Walles Career (confirmed 03/29/12)
Turkey Francis J. Ricciardone Career (confirmed 10/04/11)
Turkmenistan Robert E. Patterson Career (confirmed 04/14/11)
Uganda Scott H. DeLisi Career (confirmed 05/24/12)
Ukraine Geoffrey R. Pyatt Career (confirmed 07/09/13)
United Arab Emirates Michael H. Corbin Career (confirmed 06/30/11)
United Kingdom Matthew Barzun Political (+) (confirmed 08/01/13)
United Nations Samantha Power Political (confirmed 08/01/13)
UN / Conference on Disarmament Robert A. Wood Career (nominated)
UN / Deputy Representative Rosemary DiCarlo Career (confirmed 03/10/10)
UN / Economic & Social Council Elizabeth M. Cousens Political (confirmed 03/29/12)
UN / Geneva* Pamela K. Hamamoto Political (+) (nominated)
UN / Human Rights Council* Keith M. Harper Political (+) (nominated)
UN / Management & Reform VACANT
UN / Political Affairs Jeffrey DeLaurentis Career (confirmed 08/02/11)
UN / Rome David J. Lane Political (confirmed 05/24/12)
UN / Vienna Joseph Macmanus Career (confirmed 09/22/12)
UNESCO* Crystal Nix-Hines Political (+) (nominated)
Uruguay Julissa Reynoso Political (confirmed 03/29/12)
Uzbekistan George A. Krol Career (confirmed 05/26/11)
Venezuela VACANT    
Vietnam David Bruce Shear Career (confirmed 08/02/11)
Yemen Matthew Tueller Career (confirmed 03/27/14)
Zambia Eric T. Schultz Career (nominated)
Zimbabwe David Bruce Wharton Career (confirmed 08/02/12)

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