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OCTOBER 2, 2013

  1. Playing Ping-Pong with Federal Workers (National Journal)
  2. Shutdown: What About Mortgages, Loans, Credit Cards, Etc? (International Business Times)
  3. Bill Would Pay Workers for Shutdown Time (Washington Post)
  4. What an ‘Orderly Shutdown’ Looks Like (Washington Post)
  5. Shutdown Q&A: Federal Retirement Benefits (Washington Post)
  6. Federal Labor Leaders Blast Shutdown (Washington Post)
  7. Shutdown Could Hit Foreign Aid (News International)
  8. Core U.S. Overseas Broadcasting Deemed ‘Essential’ (Radio World)
  9. U.S. Expels Three Venezuelan Diplomats Over Sabotage Allegations (NBC News)
  10. 14 Years of Undermining Public Diplomacy (U.S. News & World Report)
  11. NOTE: Visit AFSA’s Special Shutdown Information Center for Updates
  12. NOTE: No new GAO or OIG reports will be posted during the shutdown

OCTOBER 1, 2013

  1. Government Shuts Down and Fight Continues (National Journal)
  2. What the Shutdown Means for Federal Employees (Washington Post)
  3. Feds Angry at Shutdown Turmoil (Washington Post)
  4. This Time Around, Retro Pay for Feds Not Likely (SF Gate)
  5. Legislation Introduced to Ensure Retroactive Pay (FedSmith)
  6. Feds Who Check Their E-Mail During a Shutdown Will be Breaking the Law (Washington Post)
  7. Obama: Feds Will Be Hit Hard by Shutdown (Government Executive)
  8. Shutdown Won’t Break the U.S. Foreign Policy Machine – Right Away (The Cable)
  9. Aid Community Faces Uncertainty Amid U.S. Gov’t Shutdown (Devex)
  10. NOTE: Follow AFSA’s Special Shutdown Information Web Page
  11. Venezuela Expels Three U.S. Diplomats (CNN)
  12. A Call for Public Diplomacy Between the U.S. and Iran (Huffington Post)
  13. New CRS Report: PEPFAR, HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Tuberculosis Programs [PDF]