Foreign Service Medallion

We are pleased to inaugurate the AFSA Foreign Service Medallion for Foreign Service personnel. Like those used for the various branches of the military, these medallions celebrate and commemorate the service of Foreign Service personnel and their spouses or partners.

AFSA has commissioned an elegant, five-inch architectural bronze medallion, etched with a modification of the Great Seal and the words United States Foreign Service. These high-quality medallions, which come in velour presentation boxes, can be used for presentation and commemorative purposes or even affixed to gravestones.

We believe that the medallions will help give deserved recognition to the importance of our service to our country. The medallions, which cost $149, can be purchased through Paypal on this site. To purchase, click the icon below. (Please note that international shipping is not include in the $149 price and will cost extra. You can contact AFSA for an estimate.)

Alternatively, you may print out this form, complete it and mail it to us.

You may also call (202) 719-9715 to request that an order form be mailed directly to you.