Get Involved!

Are you interested in getting more involved with AFSA in its role as the professional association and union for the Foreign Service? This page will list all available opportunities to do so.

  • SEEKING JUDGES FOR AFSA’S PERFORMANCE AWARDS: AFSA seeks active-duty members from State, USAID, FCS, BBG and/or APHIS to serve as a judge on the Avis Bohlen, M. Juanita Guess, Nelson B. Delavan and Mark Palmer award judging panels. See criteria for each award at Individuals must be available by conference call or in person to discuss and vote on a nomination at one meeting in March of 2017. The panel will be required to review all nominations, complete due diligence on their selection and discuss their decision at this meeting. Packages for judging will be sent to each judge electronically one week before that meeting. The panel’s recommendation will be forwarded to AFSA’s Awards and Plaques Committee for their review. The meeting takes place at AFSA headquarters (2101 E Street NW) during lunch and generally lasts one hour. While serving on the judging panel, members are not eligible to receive any AFSA awards. Please contact AFSA Awards Coordinator Perri Green at (202) 719-9700 or to express your interest and explore this further. 
  • WANTED: AFSA MERIT AWARD JUDGES: AFSA is looking for interested D.C.-area AFSA members to serve as judges for its academic, art and community service awards program. Judging takes place during the month of March, is conducted mostly online and takes about 12 hours of one’s time. There is a 90-minute lunchtime judge orientation meeting in early March that individuals would need to attend along  with a 1-hour panel evaluation meeting at the end of March to select winners and finalists. Contact Lori Dec at or (202) 944-5504 to volunteer or explore this activity further.
  • SEEKING JUDGES FOR 2017 ESSAY CONTEST: AFSA seeks members who have served in Turkey, Afghanistan, Kenya or Iraq to serve as judges on the National High School Essay Contest judging panel for 2017. We are asking high school students to imagine themselves as a member of the United States Foreign Service – a diplomat working to promote peace, support prosperity an protect American citizens while advancing the interests of the United States abroad, assigned to one of the four mentioned countries. They are tasked with writing a researched memo to their Ambassador addressing the refugee/internally displaced persons facing the country in which they are now posted. See criteria for the contest here. Packages for judging will be sent out to each member of the panel electronically at the beginning of April. The judge’s recommendations for their topic are due back April 25. Judging for the second round will take place April 30. Please contact Perri Green, AFSA’s Awards Coordinator, at (202) 719-9700 or to express your interest in a particular country and to acquire more information.